Founder of Ufotable admits tax evasion

Already some time ago we reported that the studio ufotable was accused of tax evasion. Meanwhile, the founder of the company, Hikaru Kondo, has been interrogated.

Ufotable: Repeated embezzled income

In the Tokyo District Court, the 51-year-old confessed in a preliminary hearing that he had violated both the Corporate Tax Act and the Excise Tax Act by undereating 138 million yen (about 1.06 million euros) in tax payments.

Kondo apologized and stated that he had assumed that the evasion would not cause trouble for the studio. Ufotable is said to have repeatedly hidden revenues from cafes and merchandise between 2015 and 2018 to hedge against business declines.

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Already after the formal indictment against Kondo on July 9, 2021, ufotable confirmed that it had filed a corrected tax return and paid the amount. In previous reports, the amount owed varies between 137 and 139 million yen.

Kondo, who founded anime studio ufotable in 2000, stepped down in May 2019 from his role as chairman of the executive committee of Machi Asobi,an event in Tokushima for which ufotable was once the main organizer.

The anime forge ufotable is best known for the adaptation of the Shonen manga Demon Slayer as well as numerous works from the “Fate/” series, including the “Heaven’s Feel” films. In addition, the company sells merchandise for self-produced anime and operates a number of cafes where it sells some of its goods.

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