First Details of the Magical Girl Destroyers Anime and Visual

Several months ago, it was reported that a new original anime titled Magical Girl Destroyers (jap.: “Mahou Shoujo Magical Destroyers”) has been announced. Meanwhile, more details have been revealed and a visual has been released, which you can watch below.

Magical Girl Destroyers Anime

The anime will be produced as a TV series at Bibury Animation Studios (Azur Lane) under the direction of original author Jun Inagawa. Anan Kaminaka acts as producer, while singer-songwriter UCARY & THE VALENTINE is responsible for the musical accompaniment.

The new visual features the main character Magical Girl Anarchy and the silhouette of two other characters who have not yet been introduced on a red background. A date for the start of the series is still pending at the current time.

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Inagawa is known for blurring the boundaries between different subcultures, such as anime and music. After various works with musicians and clothing brands, he describes “Magical Girl Destroyers” as the first project he really wanted to do.

Magical Girl Destroyers Visual

Magical Girl Destroyers Visual

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