Fire Force mangaka responds to fanservice criticism

Atsushi Ookubo, creator of the series Fire Force (jap.: “Enn Enn no Shouboutai“), often seems to be confronted with criticism of the fanservice content in his work. In one of the last chapters of the manga, he indirectly deals with these accusations and hostility.

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Fire Force Manga

In particular, the character Tamaki or the fact that he regularly exposes himself intentionally or unintentionally is criticized. In chapter 281 of the manga, the author lets Tamaki speak for herself indirectly by reacting to a woman who antagonizes her because of her freedom of movement.

The woman insults Tamaki as vulgar and asks if she wouldn’t be ashamed to undress in front of children, to which she replies: “I don’t need your comments on everything I do, so just be quiet.” In the further course, the woman criticizes that Tamaki can only show herself naked or permissive and that it is unfair if only curvy women are praised for her body, whereupon her son also intervenes: “But mom, that makes no sense.”

“If this girl is to be considerate of everyone just because she looks good, does everyone have to be considerate of others just because he has a better command of something?” he continued. On the woman’s statement that others have earned her skills, the boy says that Tamaki has also earned her appearance through hard training and you can see this well.

After the mother angrily beats her son, he only says: “Even if you use violence, you can only fight your frustration if you work on yourself and not if you impose your opinion on others.” Shortly thereafter, the woman dissolves, which is commented by her son: “She was just a background character who cannot think for herself. Their role was exhausted. I, on the other hand, can decide for myself.”

Fire Force mangaka responds to fanservice criticism in manga

The manga Fire Force has been published in Japan since September 2015 and has so far produced 30 volumes.

Fire Force Manga Cover

Fire Force Manga Cover

Fire Force Storyline

Shinra Kusakabe is new to the eighth special unit of the fire brigade, which fights against a strange phenomenon in which people suddenly go up in flames and become flame beings. Shinra, who lost his family in a fire twelve years ago, does everything he can to become a hero in order to protect others. Already his first assignment shows him what it means to do this job!

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