Fantasy Novel “New Saga” Gets Anime Series With Trailer

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Through the opening of an official website, it was announced today that the light novel “New Saga” (jap.: “Tsuyokute New Saga”) will get an anime series, which will be aired on Japanese TV starting July 2023. You can find the first trailer and a visual below the article.

Anime Is Being Created By Three Studios

“New Saga” will be directed by Norikazu Ishigooka (assistant director on “Hortensia SAGA”) and produced by SOTSU, Makaria, and Yokohama Animation Lab studios. Kenta Ihara (“Mieruko-chan“) is penning the script, while Hironori Anazawa (“Scarlet Nexus“) is composing the music.

The main roles feature Yuuma Uchida (Megumi in “Jujutsu Kaisen“) as Kyle, Hiro Shimono (Zenitsu in “Demon Slayer“) as Seran, Ai Fairouz (Delta in “Eminence of Shadow”) as Lise, Asami Seto (Raphtalia in “Shield Hero”) as Urza and Minami Takahashi (Shia in “ARIFURETA”) as Sildonia.

The original light novel penned by Masayuki Abe was published in ten volumes in Japan between March 2013 and June 2018 with drawings by Ryuuta Fuse. A manga adaptation by Jun Miura has been published on the “AlphaPolis Web Manga” website since February 2014.

New Saga Trailer

New Saga Visual

New Saga Anime Series Visual


After being severely injured in a fierce battle, swordsman Kyle eventually manages to kill the Demon King. Near death, Kyle approaches a relic that was in the possession of the Demon King and sends him straight back in time. After recovering from an initial shock, Kyle decides to use this opportunity to become stronger and not repeat past mistakes.

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