Fairy Tail Mangaka draws Illustration for Gruvia Day

It’s not uncommon for anime and manga fans to say relationships with their favorite characters, or at least wish a romance could flare up between them. Among Fairy Tail fans there is the so-called Gruvia Day, which celebrates such a relationship.

Illustrarion of the Creator Himself

The Gruvia Day celebrates the romantic relationship between the characters Juvia Lockser and Gray Fullbuster, which, however, was never officially confirmed by series creator Hiro Mashima himself and takes place in the story rather one-sidedly as Comic Relief.

The “Fairy Tail” fans chose September 10 as “Gruvia Day” and Mashima contributed his own drawing via his Twitter account, as in previous years, which you can see later in this article.

Fairy Tail has already been fully adapted as an anime in three seasons, which together comprise 328 episodes.

Illustration for Gruvia Day

Illustration for Gruvia Day

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