Failure Witch receives an anime adaptation

The Japanese publishing house Poplar Publishing recently announced that the children’s book series Failure Witch (jap.: “Rakudai Majo”) by Satoko Narita will receive an anime adaptation in the form of a feature film on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the work.

Failure Witch Anime

Concrete details about the anime implementation, such as a start date or the contributors, are still pending at the current time. In keeping with the announcement, a teaser image was released, made by the illustrator of the original novel, Enaga Senno. You can find this below.

In Failure Witch, readers accompany fuka’s apprentice witch on her adventures in terms of magic and love. The series now includes 17 novels and a book of short stories.

The first volume, Failure Witch is a Princess (jap.: “Rakudai Majo wa Princess”), was published in Japan in October 2006. The most recent novel, Failure Witch and the Palace of Darkness, was published in October 2013.

Failure Witch Visual

Failure Witch Visual
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