Fabiniku Anime Release Date + Trailer

On the official Twitter account of the anime adaptation of the manga series “Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to”, it was announced that the series will start airing on Japanese television on January 11, 2022. You can find a first trailer below the article.

Anime Like Throne of Seal
Anime Like Throne of Seal

Fabiniku Anime Release Date

The new series is being directed by Sayaka Yamai (Key Animation on “The Dragon Dentist”) at studio OLM Team Yoshioka. Aoi Yamato (Key Animation on “Major 2nd”) is contributing character design, while Toshimitsu Takeuchi (“Yu-Gi-Oh!: Sevens”) is responsible for series composition. Takeshi Watanabe takes care of the background music.

The opening song is titled “Akatsuki no Salaryman” and is sung by Yoshiki Fukuyama, while the ending titled “‘FA’NTASY to!” is by idol group Luce Twinkle Wink. We have listed the voice cast known so far further down in this article.

The manga “Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to” by Yuu Tsurusaki and Chibimaru has been published in “Cycomics” magazine since November 2019. Five volumes have appeared in Japanese stores so far.

Fabiniku Anime Trailer

Fabiniku Anime Characters and Cast

Hinata Tachibana (w)M.A.O (Shion, Tensura)
Hinata Tachibana (m)Kent Itou (Hirotaka Nifuji, WOTAKOI: No cheats for love)
Tsukasa JinguujiSatoshi Hino (Kyoujurou Rengoku, Demon Slayer)
Goddess of Love and BeautyRie Kugimiya (Taiga Aisaka, Toradora!)
Telolilo Lilili LuYukiyo Fujii (Musashi Sashigami, Rumble Garanndoll)
NarratorMasashi Ebara (Alastor, Shakugan no Shana)

Fabiniku Anime Visual

Fabiniku Anime Visual

Fabiniku Plot

A dull old man and his handsome best friend were summoned to another world by a naked goddess! However, because of the goddess’s mischief, he has turned into a peerless beautiful girl?! To get back his body, he has to go on a journey with his best friend to defeat the demon king!! “An old man that became a beautiful girl” and “A handsome old man”! Let the madness-filled, rom-com journey in another world begin!!

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