Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls to be released worldwide on Netflix

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Streaming service Netflix announced today at the “Netflix Festival Japan 2021” that it has secured the license to the new original anime “The Orbital Children (Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls)” (jap.: “Chikyuugai Shounen Shoujo”) and will make it available on-demand worldwide.

Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls Anime Release Date

The six-part OVA series will be available on Netflix starting January 28, 2022. The first three episodes will also premiere in Japanese theaters on the same day, before the final three episodes will be available to watch in Japan beginning February 11, 2022. A disc release of all six episodes will take place there within the same time frame.

“The Orbital Children” was directed by Mitsuo Iso (“Den-noh Coil”) at Studio Production +h. Kenichi Yoshida (“Eureka Seven”) contributed character design, while Toshiyuki Inoue served as the main animator on the project, which was announced back in 2018.

Director Iso explained that he wanted to create a space anime because he himself has only seen a few, and space is no longer a distant place known only from science fiction.

Chikyuugai Shounen Shoujo Teaser

Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls Plot

In the year 2045, Internet and artificial intelligence have become widespread in the outer space. Following a massive accident at a space station, a group of children are left behind. Using narrowband and SNS, low intelligence AI, and smartphone-controlled drones, they overcome numerous crises.

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