Eiichiro Oda reveals why the older characters in One Piece are so powerful

One Piece has been one of the most successful manga and anime for over two decades now. With over 1000 chapters and episodes each, it is also one of the longest projects in the respective genres. In addition to the almost infinite length of the story, the number of characters has also developed strongly.

But despite the high number of characters, Eiichiro Oda has managed to give each individual character a completely innovative look and the character traits always seem to be different from character to character.

Nevertheless, there are some aspects that are very similar in many characters. A fan has apparently noticed that Eiichiro Oda likes to draw older people in his story and therefore asks the mangaka why this is the case.

One Piece: No respect for the elderly

The fan’s question was exactly: “It seems to me that there are tons of characters in One Piece who are old guys, but is that only because there is no other way because of the nature of the story? Or is it because you have the “I die if I don’t draw old guys” disease? P.N. Uhocilia’

Eiichiro Oda’s answer to the question is: “I love old guys! I feel that age gives a new depth to the characters, both male and female. In One Piece there are tons of really interesting old people!

But in the real world, age tends to weaken people and I’ve always disliked the fact that there are some young people out there who can’t have respect for these old people because of it.

So with One Piece, I’ve brought one of my countless fantasies to life: that there are super cool old people who have maintained their strength over the years. One day you too will grow old. It would be great if you could all stay as strong as the One Piece Oldies are!”

Here you can see the picture:

One Piece: Gol D. Roger and Raleigh
One Piece © Eiichiro Oda

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