Editor of “Chainsaw Man” praises anime adaptation

As part of the launch of the second installment of the “Chainsaw Man” manga, Shihei Hayashi, editor-in-chief of the popular work, commented on the upcoming anime adaptation.

Chainsaw Man Anime “Work on the anime is perfect”

While his statements were mostly about the manga, he also ended up giving his opinion on the anime production, for which he seems to be full of praise:

“The script is through, and Fujimoto-Sensei and I are still going over the storyboards, but I’m already happy to say that the work is perfect and the anime will be a huge success not only in Japan but worldwide. I’m grateful that MAPPA is putting so much love into it.”

The anime adaptation of “Chainsaw Man” will launch on Japanese television in October 2022 and will be simulcast on Crunchyroll with subtitles as well as English dubbing. The anime adapts the manga of the same name penned by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the first part of which was completed in eleven volumes.

Chainsaw Man Anime Trailer

Chainsaw Man Anime Storyline

Denji’s greatest wish is to live a normal life. But he has inherited nothing from his father but debts to the mafia. When Denji saves the life of the little devil Pochita, he gives him the ability to transform into the Chainsaw Man. It doesn’t take long for the government to take notice of the boy with the chainsaw for a head.

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