Detective Conan Celebrates 100 Volumes with XXL Billboard

Today, the 100th manga volume of the series “Detective Conan” (jap.: “Meitantei Conan”) was released by the Japanese publisher Shogakukan. Appropriately, a major promotional campaign has now been launched.

Detective Conan Manga Runs for 28 Years

To celebrate this milestone, a billboard about 22 meters long is on display in the underground passageway of Shibuya Station on the way to the Denentoshi Line until October 24, 2021, depicting images from all 100 manga volumes published to date, of which more than 250 million copies are in circulation worldwide. Two photos can be found below.

The “Detective Conan” manga series by Gosho Aoyama has been published in “Shounen Sunday” magazine since January 5, 1994. In this country, it is published by Egmont Manga.

The anime adaptation of the same name has been broadcast on Japanese television since January 8, 1996, and has made it to over 1,000 episodes, 24 movies and various specials.

Detective Conan Billboard in Shibuya

Trailer for Volume 100

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