Date A Live Season 4 Postponed to 2022 + Trailer

On the official Twitter account of the anime adaptation of Date A Live IV, it was announced that the start of the fourth season has been postponed from October 2021 to 2022. In addition, a new trailer has been released, which you can see below.

Date A Live Season 4 of GEEK TOYS

The fourth season is directed by Jun Nakagawa (Date A Bullet) in the studio GEEK TOYS (Plunderer). Fumihiko Shimo (Myriad Colors Phantom World) takes over the series composition, while Naoto Nakamura (High School Fleet) contributes the character design and Gou Sakabe is responsible for the musical accompaniment. The Japanese voice actors are once again involved.

The first season of Date A Live, which ran in Japan in spring 2013, was produced by AIC Plus+ and comprises twelve episodes. A ten-part second season, created on Production IMS, aired in the spring 2014 season, before a third season of J.C.Staff followed in the winter of 2019.

Date A Live Season 4 Trailer

Date A Live Storyline

Shidou Itsuka has a problem. The world has been plagued for years by massive quakes of unknown cause, but life goes on. Then, one day, Shidou’s quiet life ends forever when, in the middle of a quake in his city, he meets a girl who is apparently a ghost – and the cause of all the destruction!

When a team arrives to eliminate the threat, Shidou becomes embroiled in a war to protect these spirits – by making them fall in love with him…!

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