Crunchyroll: Three New Fall 2021 Simulcasts Announced

Streaming service Crunchyroll is topped up its simulcast programming for the fall 2021 season, today announcing three new series that will launch on the platform next month.

Crunchyroll Three New Simulcasts in Autumn 2021

The new additions are the second season of “86 EIGHTY-SIX”,the series “Takt Op. Destiny” and the Isekai anime “The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made”.

As usual, the simulcasts will be shown in the original sound with English subtitles on Crunchyroll only a few hours after the Japanese TV broadcast. Concrete times should be mentioned after the publication of the first episode.

Below we summarize all the details about today’s announcements.

New simulcasts in autumn 2021

Crunchyroll Three New Simulcasts

86 EIGHTY-SIX Season 2

The second season of 86 EIGHTY-SIX, like its predecessor, is being directed by Toshimasa Ishii in the studio A-1 Pictures. Crunchyroll will show the new episodes in simulcast from October 2, 2021.

86 EIGHTY-SIX Season 2


San Magnolia has long been attacked by an army of unmanned drones from the Gigian Empire, the Legion. After years of painstaking research, the republic has finally developed autonomous drones itself that turn one-sided combat into a war without victims – at least that’s what the government claims.

In truth, there is no such thing as a war without victims. Beyond the walls that protect the 85 territories of the Republic lies the 86th sector. The young people of this abandoned country, deprived of their humanity, lead the “unmanned” weapons into battle.

Takt Op. Destiny

The anime series takt op. Destiny, directed by Yuuki Itou on MAPPA and MADHOUSE, will be launched in a simulcast on October 5, 2021 on Crunchyroll.

Takt Op. Destiny Visual


2047: The United States has been devastated by the fight against music devouring aliens. But conductors oppose them with great compositions of human history. At her side fight young girls called Musicarts, who are given their power by those same scores.

The conductor Takt and the young Destiny are also among them and hope to preserve the sounds of the world. Together they travel to New York and face their fate. But will their jointly created melody trigger joy or despair?

The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made

The Isekai anime The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made will be launched in October 2021 on Crunchyroll in a simulcast. The production of the series is the responsibility of the studio HOTLINE, where Yoshiaki Okumura takes over the direction.

The Fruit of Evolution


Hiiragi Seiichi is ugly and disgusting, at least when it comes to his classmates, who keep insulting him. One day, however, he hears a voice through the loudspeaker system that pretends to be God. This says that you should prepare for a journey into another world. A fantasy world where there are game-like elements such as levels, values and abilities.

But not only Seiichi should experience his own Isekai adventure, but the whole school. Since his classmates had formed groups and he was excluded again, he is stranded alone in the new world, where he directly meets a gorilla who proposes to him. Before he can agree, they find the “fruit of evolution” that completely changes their lives.

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