China restricts animated works with violence and eroticism

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The government of China continues to restrict the media in their country. According to Newsweek Japan, measures to regulate animated series and films have now been adopted.

China restricts animated works

The Chinese radio and television regulatory authority has called on producers of animated works to produce only “healthy content” for the population. Works that are “violent, vulgar or erotic” should no longer be produced.

The regulator stated that children and young people are the main target group of animated series and films and that broadcasters and online platforms should therefore only show content that “upholds the truth, the good and the beauty”.

The tough measures, which also affect other areas, are part of a comprehensive attempt to regulate other aspects of the economy and culture. According to the government, this is intended to combat inequality, rising real estate prices and for-profit educational institutions.

President Xi Jinping pledged to strengthen the Party’s power and consolidate the unity of the Chinese people to celebrate the Communist Party’s centenary in July 2021. The party can censor anything it believes violates the core values of socialism and has already adopted strict rules for video games, movies, and music.

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