China calls for ban on Boys-Love in online games

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Japanese TV channel TV Asahi recently reported that the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Public Relations Department has called on online game providers to strictly remove Boys-Love content.

Penalties for violations threatened

Chinese officials have described content with love between men and “effeminate men” as an “inferior culture” and “content that contains false values or illegal material” and called for its unequivocal ban. The ministry warns that companies that do not comply with it can be severely punished.

Just earlier this month, the Chinese government banned television content with “effeminate men” in order to enforce “official morality” and “revolutionary culture.” Authorities fear that Chinese pop stars who look “effeminate” and behave “effeminately” will encourage young men in China not to be “male.”

These requests go hand in hand with other appeals to the gaming industry, including that the time in which minors are allowed to use online games will be limited to a maximum of three hours a week – on weekends between 8 pm and 9 pm.

President Xi Jinping is seeking stricter control of the economy, education, culture and religion by the Chinese Communist Party.

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