Charlotte Season 2: Why The Viewers Are Demanding For It?

Charlotte Season 2

Charlotte is a 2015 anime series produced by P.A. Works (who is also created “Another“) and Aniplex. Directed by Yoshiyuki Asai, the anime aired its 13 episodes between July and September 2015. The story brings you to an alternate reality where a small percentage of children manifested superhuman abilities upon reaching puberty. The focus is placed on Yuu Otosaka, a high school boy who awakens his ability to temporarily possess others, which brings him to the attention of Nao Tomori, the student council president.

The show’s original idea was from Jun Maeda, who has also written the screenplay and even composed some of the series’ soundtracks. The first season of Charlotte has received very well reviews among the fans and critics. Now, everyone is hoping that there will be a second season of the series. Even though some elements have been called dumb sometimes, the show mainly has been receiving praises, with some reviewers calling the show a ‘palette cleanser‘.

Charlotte Season 2 Release Date

Charlotte Season 2

The first season of Charlotte has ended with 13 episodes in September 2015. The series has ended with a finale that seemed to tell you a message that this might be the first and last season from this series. But, there are so many demands from the fan’s reviews, waiting for another season of this anime series.

However, there is still no news from the production house about the script or even the release date of Charlotte season 2. Many of the fans speculated— and hoped, that the new season of Charlotte will be aired in mid-2022. This is because season 1 of the series ended without a significant ending. However, there is still no official announcement by P.A. Works.

Charlotte Season 2: What Might be the Plot?

Charlotte Must Have Expanded Yuu’s Storyline.

Charlotte Season 2
Yuu Otosaka

The finale of Charlotte— even the entire season seemed to be rushed with a regressive storyline plot for some of the viewers. For example, as the only one with a possession ability, Yuu is exploring all over the world to exploit all the abilities on earth so that he can prevent others from being exploited. The story of Yuu (supposedly) has to take years, but Yuu started and finished this task in one whole episode.

In his first journey, Yuu found and exploited people’s abilities easily with a help of a map. Afterward, he possessed an ability to know every language in the world and that he never needed sleep. Not to mention, the character of Yuu seemed to be overpowered because every time he found an obstacle, Yuu seemed too invincible and that he can do his task without any certain difficulties.

Many fans think that this rushed pace is such a waste, seeing that this journey can be split into several seasons than to pack it into one season only. If only the plot can be fixed, the viewers can see the development of Yuu’s personality when he was challenged to adapt and survive his monumental missions.

The Development of Nao and Yuu’s Relationship Needs a Charlotte Season 2

Charlotte Season 2
Yuu and Nao

The relationship of Nao and Yuu that has been expected from so many viewers just started to develop when Yuu suddenly needs to travel around the world for his mission. Nao gave Yuu a very helpful notes on what should he do on his missions. When he absorbed the unlimited abilities on his own body, his sanity eventually dropped because his body can’t take all of the abilities at once.

At one point, he asked why he’s taking a mission at the first place and considered to take over the world with his godly abilities and power. When Yuu’s mind is exhausted and he slowly lost his memories, Nao’s notes helped him to hold onto his thin sanity. Even though he doesn’t remember who gave him the card, his heart still remembers that a special girl made it for him.

Even though Yuu’s sanity is a very interesting topic to expect in the second season, it is hard to not imagine how Charlotte will write the story if Nao went together with him when their relationship is just started to rise.

At the end of the finale, Yuu is dying as he placed his last ability on earth and that he was being rushed to the hospital. He woke up next to Nao, but unable to remember the girl even though they decided to have a relationship together. This explains how Charlotte season 2 can give a chance to the audience to see Yuu eventually remembers Nao as they are making new memories, which will make a better finale for Charlotte.

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