Top 21 Chainsaw Man Strongest Characters

The Chainsaw Man anime adaptation is just around the corner. The hype surrounding this particular show is surreal. Studio MAPPA will have a tough challenge upfront to satisfy the manga reader with more than extraordinary adaptation.

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21 Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man

We can believe that fans cannot wait to see their favorite characters in action. Chainsaw Man has arguably the most colorful characters in the series. The author Tatsuki Fujimoto did a wonderful job to create such diverse characters.

Today’s article is going to discuss 21 strongest characters in Chainsaw Man. Since not many important characters have been introduced to the series, it should be a quick discussion right? Well, not so fast.

Keep in mind if we are going to talk about the strongest characters, we need to talk about the key battle element in the series: the devils. Based on the Chainsaw Man fandom, there are many of them (you can see it by yourself from 

Not only that, we have many types of demons, starting from a normal demon, a hybrid, or a fiend. Not to mention that some people are able to make a contract with the demons. So, what are we going to do with this information?

In this article, if a character has a contract with a certain devil, it will only be counted as the devil user, not the devil itself. Also, if there is a hybrid or a fiend, it will mention their name and what kind of devil this character actually is.

With that being said, all the rules are set. And one more thing, reading this article means that you are ready to witness massive spoilers. If you are prepared by that, let us start from number 21:

21. Eternity Devil

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Eternity Devil

Having been named “Eternity Devil” should perhaps increase its rank higher than this. The fact that this devil is placed on number 21 might make non-manga readers wonder how absurdly overpowered the other devil actually is. 

The Eternity Devil is able to manipulate time in certain places. Time does not move wherever it resides. More than that, it can make bodies to battle its opponents, making the battle more and more difficult as it goes on. 

As I said earlier, having this devil in the lower part of the ranking shows that this devil is still among the easiest one to defeat. But this time, our Denji needs some more resilience to be able to beat it. 

20. Typhoon Devil

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Typhoon Devil

Another strong looking devil who resides in the lower part of the ranking. As the name suggests, Typhoon Devil is a devil who is able to create… Well, a typhoon (what a surprise). 

As a typhoon, its area of damage is so wide, that its attacks are not only affecting its enemy, but also civilians. It provides a difficult battle for Denji later in the series. 

But as always, Chainsaw Man does save the day. Combining his power with the goofy Shark Devil, Beam. Their battle did create some unimaginable manga panels and phrases that we would never have thought we needed. 

19. Sawatari Akane

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Sawatari Akane

Her appearance as a villain is a bit plain, that perhaps some readers (including me actually) might forget who she was. That is until we remember who actually killed our beloved Himeno. 

Akane has a contract with the Snake Devil. It has the ability to absorb living things. Not only that, it can also release them whenever Akene needs it. That is why she was able to resurrect the Katana Devil and use Himeno’s Ghost Devil. 

But eventually, her antics are finally stopped by Aki, who gallantly fights his best friend’s devil. Sadly, Akane’s damage to her surroundings cannot be undone. I suppose it is a lose-lose for both of them. 

18. Higashiyama Kobeni

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Higashiyama Kobeni

Kobeni made it into the list? Why of course! Some of you might think there is no way a weakling crybaby like her manages to get into the list. Especially when we barely know anything about her power. 

But that is exactly the point. She is surrounded by mysteries. And since we cannot measure her true power, it is safe to put her on the lower part of the ranking, until further information is given to us. 

(Major spoiler here, skip to the next one if you want to avoid it) One factor that makes me personally want to put her into the list is that she is among few characters who are still alive and healthy. 

17. Beam

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Beam

By no means putting Beam lower is the same as disrespecting him. As I said earlier, and I will repeat it as much as necessary, this show has too many powerful characters to begin with that natural selection is needed here. 

Beam’s power is rather simplistic. As the Shark Fiend, he can do whatever the shark does, but better. Strength, swimming ability even on the land, he has it all. His crazy endurance is also what makes him more difficult to handle by the enemies. 

Overall, Beam is not weak. Not at all. But there are too many ridiculously overpowered devils in the series that makes him outshined in terms of power and skills. 

16. Prinz

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Prinz

The Spider Fiend. Well, personality-wise there is not much to say about her. The question is, why put her above Beam who is arguably more fun to see? 

First thing first, she can do everything that Beam does, except for turning into a shark. She can submerge into the flat surface, she has a strength to defeat her enemy, she is able to stab her opponents with her legs. But one important ability is that she can teleport from one place to others. 

This tiny difference between Prinz and Beam is crucial. This ability alone plays a huge role to help stop the Darkness Devil from rampaging. It was Prinz who brought Makima to face Darkness Devil, and averted its attention towards Makima.

15. Himeno

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Himeno

The manga reader will of course remember her as the vomit kisser (if you do not know what that means, probably you have not caught up yet). But now since we talk about power, let us discuss why Himeno is placed a bit lower than some of you might think. 

It is true that her Ghost Devil is immensely powerful. It can vanish, thus able to attack swiftly without being seen or touched. But it is not immune to special attacks such as Akane’s Snake Devil absorption skill.

Sadly, it is not difficult to counter Himeno’s Ghost Devil once you know its ability. So it is why we cannot really put her up there in terms of power. But on other aspects, she is definitely somewhere near the top. 

14. Galgali

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Galgali
Credit: by Dusko00

The Violence Fiend who is extremely polite and friendly, in contrast to his name. But when he needs to, he will prove to everyone why he is called the Violence Devil. 

His strength is absolutely brutal, being able to destroy almost everything with a single punch or kick. Those who are able to withstand his power most likely can survive any kind of physical attacks. 

Apart from that, there is not much to say about Galgali. He is arguably one of the most reliable Public Safety Devil Hunter out there, and his comrades know his true value. Especially Kobeni who is the closest to him. 

13. Katana Man

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Katana Man

A hybrid is always difficult to deal with. Even though he is currently being placed at number 13, Katana Man is far from weak. In fact, he is the first villain who managed to push Denji beyond his limit. 

Katana Man possessed the power of Katana Devil. Being a hybrid means that he is able to control the devil’s power by himself. More than that, Katana Man is extremely skilled using his power. 

It took a while before Katana Man was eventually defeated by Denji. Before he met his death, we witnessed one of the most beautiful interactions between the protagonist and the antagonist. 

12. Power

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Power

I mentioned a lot about power this, power that, but not this Power. Arguably has the status of the best girl, Power’s power is more powerful (what a sentence it was) than we might think. 

As a Blood Fiend, Power has the ability to manipulate blood as she wishes to. The most amazing thing about this is that she is able to use it to regenerate herself, since a devil only needs to give some amounts of blood to revive themselves. In Power’s case, she does not need to rely on other’s blood, because she can make it by herself. 

Since the anime adaptation is coming pretty soon, spoiling more about Power, for me would be a sin. It would be better to keep the best girl a secret and let the non-manga readers find out how amazing Power actually is. 

11. Hirofumi Yoshida

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Hirofumi Yoshida

Another mysterious character whose backstory is almost unknown. But about his skills and powers, we have a glimpse on how strong Yoshida might actually be. 

Yoshida is one of a few characters, more specifically, a human being, who has a superhuman ability. He is extremely skilled in close combat, and has a contract with Octopus Devil in his arsenal, making him more dangerous than he looks. 

Since he is one of the few characters who survived in the series, we might have a chance to see him in the future. Especially knowing that he actually is one of the most popular characters by fan choice. 

10. Hayakawa Aki

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Hayakawa Aki

Putting Aki here might be the right choice. Although he has superhuman strength, it is still much inferior to other characters. But in exchange, Aki has a lot of contracts with different kinds of devils. 

To keep it brief, Aki has a contract with at least 3 devils. Yes, 3 of them. Fox Devil is able to eat other devils, Curse Devil can lay a curse on other devils, and Future Devil is capable of seeing Aki’s future. 

At the end of the series, Aki also possesses the power of Gun Devil, becoming the Gun Fiend. And the rest is history. 

9. Angel Devil

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Angel Devil

So what is Angel Devil exactly? An angel, or a devil? Well nobody knows. But what we know for sure is that people should feel lucky that the Angel Devil is actually on their side. Because with his (yes, he is a dude) power, he would be an immense threat to humanity. 

Angel Devil’s power is pretty simple: life-absorption. It can suck and drain a creature’s life from their bodies, and convert them into something else. Most of the time, he converts it into a deadly weapon. 

Being able to activate his power by just touching their skin, makes it much easier for him to do his job. Angel Devil is one of the mightiest Public Safety Devil Hunters. 

8. Kishibe

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Kishibe

According to Makima, he is the strongest Devil Hunter out there. But as it is right now, there is not much to talk about his true power, since it has not been revealed up to this point. 

To sum it up, Kishibe has perhaps the highest physical prowess in the series. And he is a human being, which means he can also make a contract with other devils. So far, the only information we got about this is that Kishibe has contracts with 3 devils, being a Claw Devil, Knife Devil, and Needle Devil. 

Apart from that, we got nothing to talk about his power. Putting him up here might be questionable, but it is still safe to assume that he is that strong especially when other Devil Hunters know and respect him. 

7. Reze

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Reze

Behind that cute demeanor, Reze is actually the Bomb Devil. And as a hybrid, she is far more skilled than Katana Devil, and even Denji the Chainsaw Man. 

The Bomb Devil is capable of dealing massive damage by using… Well, bombs (it is getting repetitive, am I right?). She can create bombs from each of her limbs and body parts. Combined with her superb durability, being able to withstand Galgali’s super kick, made her extra difficult to handle. 

As a human being, Reze is also intelligent and deceptive, since she was actually an agent from the USSR. She played into Denji’s heart, and tried to use him for her own country. 

6. Quanxi

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Quanxi

A Devil Hunter from China. Legend has it said that she is the first ever Devil Hunter. Despite only appearing in one arc, Quanxi showed that she really is one of the strongest characters in the series. 

If we talk about physical prowess, she is arguably the only one who can rival Kishibe, or maybe surpass him. Not only that, she is also revealed to be a hybrid, possessing the power of Crossbow Devil. With that, her physical strength is immensely increased, making her more and more dangerous. 

Despite having such incredible power, Quanxi only uses her power whenever she gets a job. Most of the time, she plays around with her harem, consisting of 4 other women. 

5. Santa Claus

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Santa Claus

(Not that Santa Claus) Quanxi is from China, and Santa Claus is from Germany. Both of them played major role in the International Assassin Arc. Not your typical combatant, she is considered as one of the most dangerous villain in the series. 

Santa Claus has by far the most contract to other devils. 4 devils, to be exact. With the Curse Devil (same like Aki), with the Doll Devil which is capable of creating dolls and attacking her opponents with it, with the Hell Devil which is used to transport other people to hell, and even the mightiest devil of them all, the Darkness Devil. 

All of these devils created a massive chaos during the International Assassination arc. Eventually she was brought down by our Lord Chainsaw Man. 

4. Gun Devil

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Gun Devil

The original contractor of Gun Devil was actually the President of USA. He made a contract with it to destroy Makima once and for all. 

A piece of information, a devil’s power depends on how much it feared by people. And about Gun Devil’s case, it was immensely feared because of the accident when it killed 1.2 million people worldwide because of it. Gun Devil is arguably one of the most feared devils in the series. 

And on top of that, it killed so many people only within 5 minutes. That shows how insane Gun Devil’s actual power. It should not be explained further on what kind of power that Gun Devil has, because the name said it all. 

3. Denji

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Denji

Finally, our main character is made it to the list. In terms of power, Chainsaw Devil that Denji possessed is not as great as other devils. It has however, 2 defining things that made it feared by other devils. 

First is his resilience. Chainsaw Devil is absolutely tough to kill because no matter how many times others kill it, Chainsaw Devil will return and hunt the killer until he/she died. And second would be its ability to erase other’s existence. Whenever Chainsaw Devil consumed something, its existence will be erased by history and nobody will remember it. 

And the fact the screw loosed Denji possesses this power, making it even more dangerous because Denji himself knows no fear (or rather, he is just plain dumb to understand the situation). Denji’s skill to control Chainsaw Devil is not as good as other hybrids. But his resilience is certainly resembles the Chainsaw Devil, thus making him able to defeat a lot of opponents.

2. Makima

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Makima

(Talking about Makima’s power means mentioning about major spoiler. You have been warned). Being one of Denji’s supporters since the beginning, who would have thought Makima is literally the Almighty Control Devil and the one who pulled the string behind the shadow? 

The Control Devil is able to control other creatures who deemed to be lower being that Makima. An absurdly strong power, making a lot of organization and government from other countries fear her existence. 

But of course, if it is not because of Chainsaw Man, Makima is finally beaten. And her fate is sealed by Denji himself, concluding a beautiful ending for her life. 

1. Darkness Devil

Strongest Characters in Chainsaw Man: Darkness Devil

Human’s fear of darkness is something that has been there since the earliest day of civilization. And with that being said, it continuously makes the Darkness Devil stronger and stronger. 

The Darkness Devil’s power is simply ridiculous and beyond understanding. One example is that it is able to make other bleed excessively just by starring at them. It is so immensely powerful, that other devils fear it. 

It appears only for a few chapters, yet it left a notable mark to the readers. Most of us will definitely be excited seeing it in the future. This untouchable devil is literally the strongest devil of them all, and no one will argue about that. 

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