Brazil: Politician advertises with anime parodies in the election campaign

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A Brazilian politician went on the hunt for votes in the run-up to the federal election there with two creative anime parodies on his YouTube channel. You can see the videos here with us.

Brazil: Election Campaign with Chika

Specifically, it was about the elections in the state of Sao Paolo, the most populous and economically important of the 27 Brazilian states, where the federal deputies were to be elected to represent Sao Paolo in the Brazilian Congress for the next four years.

One of the candidates, Kim Kataguiri, is the grandson of Japanese immigrants and perhaps for that reason has a certain affinity for anime, which promptly led him to campaign and hunt for votes with two creative anime parodies.

First, he recreated the Chika dance from “Kaguya-sama: Love is War,” whose lyrics celebrate victory over another party and declare war on corruption. On the other hand, he parodied the “Bleach” opening song “Rolling Star” with references to “League of Legends” and jutsu techniques from “Naruto“. In the lyrics, he advocates for low taxes, among other things.

The elections already took place yesterday, Sunday, and Kataguiri actually got one of the 70 deputy seats with an amazing eighth place. Whether he owes this to his anime parodies remains to be seen – but it makes him likeable in any case.

Chika Parody

Bleach Parody

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