Blue Exorcist Manga returns from hiatus

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After Kazue Katou finished the short horror manga “Eizen Karukaya Kaitan” last week, there is good news for fans: Now the manga-ka can devote herself to “Blue Exorcist” again.

Blue Exorcist Manga returns

The March issue of the Japanese publisher Shueisha’s “Jump SQ” announced that “Blue Exorcist” will continue in May. The series has been on hiatus since July 2021. A little later, Kazue Katou started the one-volume work “Eizen Karukaya Kaitan” in September 2021. But now “Blue Exorcist” continues with the June issue of “Jump SQ”, which will be released on May 2, 2022.

Blue Exorcist Manga Cover
Blue Exorcist Manga Volume 27

Kazue Katou launched her popular Blue Exorcist series in April 2009, which currently has 27 volumes. The manga inspired two anime seasons, a movie, several OVAs and also spin-offs and a light novel.

Blue Exorcist: Plot

Rin really isn’t an innocent lamb. He fights all the time and also doesn’t care about a job like he should. Despite this, his foster father, father Fujimoto, loves him. So much so that he sacrifices himself for him when one day Rin’s real father shows up at the door: The Incarnate himself. But his biological father can remain stolen from Rin. What has he already done for him? Father Fujimoto, he was a true father. And that’s why Rin will do everything to avenge him!

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