Blood Lad Season 2 Release Date, Are There Any Updates?

Blood Lad Season 2

You might be familiar with Blood Lad if you are a big fan of an adventure-fantasy anime and you might also have been waiting for Blood Lad Season 2.

Blood Lad is a 2013 anime series based on the manga written and illustrated by Yuuki Kodama. The anime is produced by Brain’s Base (who also created To Your Eternity) and directed by Shigeyuki Miya, with script writing by Takeshi Konuta and character designs done by Kenji Fujisaki. The series premiered on 2013 and was made into ten episodes.

The show scored 7.29/10 from 312.737 votes on MyAnimeList. By the numbers itself, it is clear that Blood Lad indeed is amazing and scored high overall, which could give a reason to the creators to make the Blood Lad Season 2.

The Plot of Blood Lad

Blood Lad Season 2
Blood Lad Scene

The Blood Lad world is set on a fictional world where demons and humans exist in different realms. Their world are separated with a portal.

The story started when a human girl named Fuyumi Yanagi unintentionally went into one of the portal and enters the demon world. Staz, the main character is so energized and curious with the phenomenon as they started to find interference.

Their first meeting is being interfered with another demon king, and a battle occurs between Staz and other demons. In confusion, Yanagi got attacked and eaten by a carnivore plant, which effectively killed her, making her a ghost.

Staz was devastated as he was feeling guilty that he was unable to protect Yanagi. He swore to resurrect Yanagi in her human form. Hence, they started their journey to fulfill that goal.

However, some circumstances blocked their way. Yanagi needs to drink Staz’s blood to maintain her physical appearance. They gathered new informations from Wolf, a half werewolf, and Hydra Bell, a treasure hunter that led them to the Book of Resurrection. Then, they are trapped in the Demon world, as some secrets about Yanagi’s identity is starting to unveil.

Why They Want Blood Lad Season 2

Blood Lad Season 2
Blood Lad

Fans of Blood Lad patiently waits for Blood Lad Season 2 to put an end to their long awaited curiosity. They want to know what awaits Staz and Yanagi on their quest. Also, the triangle between Staz, Hydra, and Fuyumi is exciting and kept the audiences pinned until the end of the series.

The relationship between Hydra and Yanagi is revolved very late at the first season as this will keep the suspense, regarding why Hydra helps Fuyumi. Staz, on the other hand, gets stuck in the favor he has to do for the book’s interpretation.

Blood Lad Season 1 ends as a cliffhanger, The fans were curious about Staz’s success and whether if Yanagi will make it out or not.

Blood Lad Season 2 Release Date

Blood Lad Season 2
Blood Lad Season 2

We are already in the end of 2021, but where’s the second season? As the fans’ wait is long enough, there are several rumors spreading around that there will be a Blood Lad Season 2 expected to air in mid 2022. However, up until today, there are still no official announcement from Brain’s Base (Spice and Wolf, Kiss Him Not Me, Gakuen Babysitters & In/Spectre) about the release of Blood Lad Season 2.

They seem to have put it off temporarily then slowly, it became forgotten. The ratings show a good indicator but not enough to inspire the crew to make Blood Lad Season 2.

But, fret not, since the manga has ended and there are still a lot of volumes that are not covered in the anime yet to be made as a Blood Lad Season 2— that is, of course, if Brain’s Base and the directors agreed on making the second season.

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