Black Rock Shooter Receives New Anime Series + Visual

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Illustrator huke announced that Black Rock Shooter will receive a new anime project entitled “Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall”. You can watch a first visual below.

Further details are still pending

So far, it has only been confirmed that the new anime project will be a series to be broadcast on Japanese television. Further details, such as the contributors or a start date, are still pending at this time.

The character Black Rock Shooter first appeared on December 26, 2007 in an illustration that huke published on its own blog and on the platform pixiv. This inspired musician Ryo from Supercell in 2008 to create the music video Black Rock Shooter, for the production of which he used the vocaloid voice of Miku Hatsune. In 2010, an OVA from Studio Ordet was released.

In 2012, an eight-part TV series followed, which was produced by director Shinobu Yoshioka (Rebirth) in the studios Ordet and SANZIGEN.

Black Rock Shooter Visual

lack Rock Shooter Visual

Plot of the first series

This is the story of Mato and Yomi, two girls whose fate and friendship are caught between two worlds. Although of completely different character, the two have a mysterious and strong bond with each other.

As their friendship grows, a battle ensues in a parallel, different world between two mysterious creatures: Dead Master and Black Rock Shooter. This fight also has a fatal effect on the lives of Mato and Yomi in the real world …

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