Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall Release Date + Visual

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On the official website of the new Black Rock Shooter anime, it was announced today that the series will premiere in spring 2022. In addition, new details about the contributors and a new visual have been revealed, which you can watch in the article below.

Black Rock Shooter Anime launches in spring 2022

The new series, titled Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall, will be produced by Bibury Animation under the direction of Tensho (Rewrite). Makoto Fukami (Psycho-Pass) co-wrote the screenplay together with Ryou Yoshigami (Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System).

Rui Tomono (The Relative Worlds), Makoto Ishiwata (Expelled from Paradise) and Youjo Outa (Azur Lane) are responsible for the concept design, while Masayuki Nonaka (Rewrite) and You Nakagawa (Azur Lane) act as character designers and animation directors.

An eight-part first anime series for “Black Rock Shooter” was broadcast on Japanese television between February and March 2012.

Black Rock Shooter Visual

Black Rock Shooter Visual

Black Rock Shooter Plot

This is the story of Mato and Yomi, two girls whose fate and friendship are caught between two worlds. Although of a completely different character, the two have a mysterious and strong bond with each other.

As their friendship grows, a battle ensues in a parallel, different world between two mysterious creatures: Dead Master and Black Rock Shooter. This fight also has a fatal effect on the lives of Mato and Yomi in the real world.

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