Anime short film for “Summer Ghost” released

On the official YouTube channel of the correspondence teaching service Z-Kai, a “Full Version” of the first teaser for the upcoming film “Summer Ghost” by animator and illustrator loundraw (“I want to ear your pancreas”) was recently published, which you can find below.

Anime will be released in November 2021

The trailer, titled Ichiban Chikakute Tooi Hoshi, promotes both Z-Kai and loundraw’s upcoming directorial debut on Summer Ghost. The video is the template for Summer Ghost and deals with a different story, which, however, takes place in the same universe.

The approximately four-minute advertising clip revolves around Kaori, who is voiced by Nao Touyama (Claudia in The Asterisk War), a reserved but strong-willed member of her school’s astronomy club. Her best friend Yuki, set to name by Lynn (Mafuyu Kirisu in We Never Learn), supports her, but begins to worry that Kaori will lose her love for the stars.

The Japanese theatrical release of Summer Ghost is scheduled for November 12, 2021. The production takes place in the flat studio founded by loundraw himself, with the illustrator contributing the original character design in addition to the direction. Hirotaka Adachi wrote the screenplay, while Otsuichi (Haruka and the Magic Mirror) takes care of the screenplay.

Summer Ghost Trailer

Summer Ghost Plot

According to an urban legend, there is a “summer spirit” that appears when fireworks are ignited. High school students Tomoya, Aoi and Ryo met online.

Tomoya is not able to live his life according to his own ideas, Aoi cannot find her place in the world and Ryô is snatched from his once bright future abruptly. Each of the three has their own personal reason to meet the summer spirit.

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