Anime Producer: Don’t make any changes for fans

Anime YouTuber Gigguk visited the Japanese studio J.C.Staff a few months ago to look over his shoulder during the production of the series “Kombattanten werden!”. He was also given the opportunity to elicit a few answers from producer Atsushi Fujishiro.

No Changes for fans Abroad

During the visit, Gigguk asked, among other things, whether fans outside of Japan played a big role in the production, to which Fujishiro replied: “I don’t think fans from other countries have made a big change.”

The producer continued, “When I think about it, the Japanese animation style has always been well received abroad, so we just carry on as before instead of changing something for people from overseas.”

“While we are aware of the foreign fans, we usually don’t make any changes just for their own sake,”he concluded. You can watch the approximately 20-minute video in full length later in this article.

The studio J.C.Staff recently produced series such as How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom, Edens Zero, A Certain Scientific Railgun and DanMachi.


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