Amazon Prime Video Adds Two Anime Movies To Its Lineup

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Streaming service Amazon Prime Video has beefed up its lineup, with two more anime titles now available on demand. We summarize the details.

Two Films Available Now

The new additions, which can now be streamed on Amazon at no extra cost with a Prime subscription, are the romance-drama film “Hello World” from 2019 and the sci-fi romance “The Relative Worlds,” which premiered the same year.

Below we summarize all information about the two new anime titles. One click will take you directly to further details.

Amazon Prime Video Two New Movies Banner

Hello World

The approximately 98-minute romance-drama film “Hello World” is now available with multiple dubbing and subtitles on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video Two New Movies Hello World


For Naomi, there is only one thing: books. However, that changes when his ten-year older self from the future stands in front of him. In order to prevent a tragic accident, the present Naomi is supposed to get together with Ruri. She is a similar bookworm, but otherwise dismissive and cool. With time on her hands, Naomi tries to win the girl’s trust.

The Relative Worlds

The 95-minute sci-fi drama film “The Relative Worlds” is available now with multiple dubbing and subtitles available at no extra cost on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video Two New Movies Relative Worlds


After Shin had to deal with the death of his mother when he was still a child, his father also unexpectedly dies of “secondary death”. Shortly thereafter, another version of himself appears, seeking the life of his close friend Kotori. It turns out that this Jin is from a parallel world. When a self dies in one world, its counterpart in the other dies as well.

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