Manga Series A Girl And Her Guard Dog Gets Anime Series With Teaser

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A report from the Japanese news website Comic Natalie recently revealed that the romance manga “A Girl And Her Guard Dog” (Japanese: “Ojou to Banken-Kun”) will be getting an anime adaptation. You can find the first teaser below the article.

Anime Will Be Released Next Year

So far, all that is known is that the anime adaptation of A Girl And Her Guard Dog will be a series that will air on Japanese television next year. The concrete start date, as well as details about the participants, still remain a mystery at the moment.

The story is about Isaku, who was raised by her yakuza grandfather as part of the clan after the death of her parents and wants to start a normal life in high school, from which her bodyguard Keiya wants to protect her at all costs.

The manga series A Girl And Her Guard Dog written by Hatsuharu has been published in the shoujo magazine “Bessatsu Friend” since December 2018. The eighth volume will be released in Japanese stores on October 13, 2022. The manga series is available in digital form from Kodansha USA with English translation.

A Girl & Her Guard Dog Teaser

A Girl & Her Guard Dog Action

When her parents were killed in a car accident, Isaku was taken in by her yakuza grandfather at the age of five and raised as part of the clan. After years of being shunned by her classmates because of her family ties, she wants to finally live a normal life in high school and maybe even find love… until her loyal bodyguard Keiya enters the school and vows to protect her from it all.

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