6 Ways to Start an Isekai Adventure

Some anime stories seem to end for the main character before they even really begin. Some Isekai heroes in particular can relate to this, as they are torn from their own world to awaken somewhere else.

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Better not imitate it!

For some heroes, their great adventure begins quite unspectacularly, but often there is no way back for them. Below, we’ll take a closer look at six starting points of Isekai stories that you shouldn’t imitate under any circumstances.

6 Unique Ways To Be Isekai’d

Unfortunate Isekai Start No. 1: Gaming for too long


Who hasn’t experienced this? A new video game has been released and because the game is actually as good as hoped, you don’t even notice how time flies. But of course, games have a certain addictiveness, which is why you forget everything around you.

This also happened to “Overlord” protagonist Momonga, except that he didn’t get out of the game in the end. Instead, he found himself in the fantasy world of his favorite game. Positive side effect: At least he was able to keep his character’s exaggeratedly strong abilities.

Unfortunate Isekai Start No. 2: Summoning as a Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Meanwhile, other anime protagonists stumble into their adventures differently, such as being summoned out of the blue as a great savior in need. However, not everything always goes smoothly after their arrival.

“The Rising of the Shield Hero” hero Naofumi already experienced it firsthand, whereupon he had to work hard to grow into his role.

Unfortunate Isekai Start No. 3: Suddenly in the New World


However, even if you are not directly summoned, you can suddenly end up in the new world. Just like that and for no apparent reason. After one step you are already there!

Subaru from “Re:ZERO” had to experience this, who actually just wanted to do some shopping and suddenly found himself in a new world after leaving the store.

Unfortunate Isekai Start No. 4: Stabbed to Death

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

For some Isekai heroes, however, their adventure also gets off to a particularly unpleasant start. This is because in order to begin this, they must first die. This can happen in various ways, for example through serious injuries.

Rimuru, the protagonist of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,” also died in order to begin his adventure as a slime in another world. Unfortunately for him, he was stabbed by a madman while trying to protect his friends.

Unfortunate Isekai launch No. 5: Watch out, truck!

Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life

On the streets of some anime worlds, it seems to be particularly dangerous. A common cause of death for Isekai protagonists is a truck or similar large vehicle driving inexorably toward the main character, snatching them from life.

This is what happened to Mile from “Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!” who saved a little girl from being run over and died herself as a result. But rail travel is often similarly dangerous.

Unfortunate Isekai launch No. 6: Heart attack


It can always be more unfortunate: imagine you are about to save a little girl from being run over by a truck. But this event shocks you so extremely that you have a heart attack and die!

This also happened to Kazuma from “KonoSuba”. Only it was not a truck, but a slow tractor and the girl could still “escape” without any problems. After Kazuma was laughed at by the goddess Aqua, he went to the Isekai world.

Besides these six ways, there are of course many more ways to get into an Isekai world. We can be curious which bizarre ideas still await us in the future.

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